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Bio powder

Meredith, usually known as Merry, comes from a background in Performance Arts, graduating with a BA from Brighton University in 2011.   He then went into the film industry setting up Gallivant Film with three friends, which is ongoing.  After several successful years producing mainly music videos and documentaries, prominently their feature doc  ‘Granny Project’ which has screenings worldwide, he reverted to his main passion, Theatre.  With Joe Mulcrone, Merry set up Cat and Mouse Theatre in Brighton, making immersive theatre, most successfully the annual feature 'Charlie Brown Speakeasy' performed at Boomtown Festival and other live music events.    Together, with ex-tutor Matt Rudkin, Merry and Joe also set up three successful comedies: Buddhism, is it just for losers? The Room In The Elephant and Fake Hip Gnosis, Independently Merry continues his acting career and his engagement as a director.  Merrys now works In Partnership with 'Chronyko' creating unique team-building-computer-hacking-immersive-experiences for corporate IT companies or departments.

Merry has worked in a variety of performance forms: puppetry with ‘Colossal Crumbs’, interactive performance with ‘Faulty Towers The Dinning Experience', ‘Copperdollar’; devised theatre with ‘SlashTheatre & ‘Foul Play’. He has made over 20 film appearances, starring in the feature film ‘The Scandalous Four’ (2012). 

Please email him:

07 96 96 96 514

Both images are from 'Joy In People' Oscar Hudson Film.

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