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Bio powder

Meredith, affectionately known as Merry, emerges from doing Performance and Visual Arts at Brighton University in 2011. He co-founded Cat and Mouse Theatre in collaboration with Joe Mulcrone, renowned for its immersive spectacles. He also founded Gallivant Film alongside three fellow students, a venture that continues to flourish. Their repertoire, spanning music videos and documentaries, culminated in the globally acclaimed feature doc, 'Granny Project’. As an actor he has made over 20 film appearances, starring in the feature films ‘The Scandalous Four’ & ‘Joy In People’. 


Embarking on a comedic odyssey with former Uni Tutor Matt Rudkin, Merry and Joe birthed three productions: 'Buddhism, is it just for losers?', 'The Room In The Elephant', and 'Fake Hip Gnosis'.


Merry's forte lies in immersive, interactive theatre, where his passion for improvisation and live interaction.  Working internationally for many years as Basil in the 'Faulty Towers The Dinning Experience’ and annually with Invisible Circus’ ‘Fairy Tale Of Bristol’  he has a huge experience in this field. In tandem with ‘Chronyko’ he pioneers unique multi day elaborate team-building experiences, blending computer hacking with immersive theatre for corporate IT entities.


Merry continues to helm Cat and Mouse Theatre from Bristol, alongside collaborators Dave Lovatt and Jack Freedman. Fuelled by Arts Council patronage, they've crafted two successful interactive street shows 'Blockbuster Factory' and 'Susann the Robot'.

Please email him:

07 96 96 96 514

Both images are from 'Joy In People' Oscar Hudson Film.

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